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Are you regretting the past or feeling anxious about the future? Do you find yourself drowning in negative self-talk? Do you stress on Sunday nights about how you'll get through the week ahead?

I answered yes to all the above and was going through the motions every day. I was hoping that the weekend or the next big event would finally bring me happiness. In reality, I felt numb and without joy.

Would you believe that simply by living in the moment, by shifting your perspective to what you do have and what you can do, and by having an attitude of gratitude, you can dramatically increase your quality of life?

I'm proof that you can learn to control your emotions no matter the situation. Through the reflection of my late brother’s life, I discovered these principles. It changed my life so significantly that I want to share my experience with you.

I was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, and Bi-Polar Disorder in 1996. In my early ’20s, life was hard enough as a young adult without these challenges.

At the end of 2012, I reached a critically low part of my life. Paralyzed with anxiety, I struggled to get through each day. Adding to the complexity of my mental illness, my only brother died a little over a year later. He had to learn to walk four times during his life. I was mad. I thought, "He didn't deserve this life of hardship and pain."

Nearly "chained" to my bed, I couldn't read, watch TV or listen to music. Lost for days in the silence and loneliness of my thoughts, I began to write a journal. As I wrote about my life and my brother's life, a change occurred. I started to see my brother's life and then my life through a lens of gratitude. I focused on what was right and not what was wrong.

Fast forward to today, through countless hours of therapy and writing, my life transformed radically. I'm obsessed with the quality of life, both yours and mine.

As an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, where my passions are all blended, I'm now living my best life. It's not perfect, and I struggle regularly. Still, I accept life's challenges and choose to focus on what I do have and what I can do, which allows me to live an imperfect life perfectly.

I desperately want to help you stop the "Next Day" roller coaster you may be riding and teach you how to live in the moment more often.

If you're ready to become resilient, you can purchase my book on Amazon at the link above.

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